Riso Workshops for September


We will be running regular workshops on risograph printing and zine-making starting in September.

Family Treasure

9/8 (fri) 18:00-21:00

¥3500 (1 free drink included) / A4 2color print

Do you know what Risograph Printing is? Are you new to the world of Zine Making? Come this Friday evening to have a drink, and make your Risograph fantasies come true. A fun introduction event meant to get to know this printing technique, make and take home a zine, and also meet other zinesters in Tokyo.

The theme of this zine workshop is “Family”. Any interpretation to this theme is welcomed.

Please bring a family photo, family heirloom, or treasured item. We will use what you bring to scan and be part of your zine. Participants will show and tell their photo/item, discuss with each other, and express their thoughts in writing. At the end, everyone’s pages will be combined into a 2-color 12-page foldout A4 size zine.

Beginners are welcome - 15 spots available.

What to Bring:
- Family photo / heirloom / treasured item

リソグラフ印刷は知っていますか?ZINE を作ったことはありますか?今週金曜日の夜、ドリンクを片手にリソグラフ印刷を体験してみましょう。リソグラフの印刷技術を知りながら、ZINE を作って持ち帰ることができ、また東京の他のZINESTER達と出会うことを目的とした楽しい紹介イベントです。




- 家族写真/家族の宝物/大切なもの


Memory Cookbook

9/23(sat) 16:00~20:00

¥3500 (1 free drink included) / A6 2color print

Did you eat yet? Join us for a fun potluck party at our new studio, where the world of Risograph printing meets delicious food. We will have a feast! AND teach you the basics of Risograph duotone photography printing.

In this event, participants are invited to bring a food of their memory. A food the recalls a certain memory or evokes a strong feeling. It could be your grandmother’s special omurice, the donuts that you get on your way to work every morning, or the soup your lover cooks for you when you’re sick, etc. Each participant must make/bring their memory dish (portioned for 5 people). We will share our memories while eating and drinking everyone’s food.

During the collective food sharing, we will take photos of each dish and ask participants to write a small description of their memory. We will combine everyone’s pages into a 2-colored A6 size zine.

Important *Please let us know your dietary restrictions.

Beginners are welcome - 10 spots available.

What to Bring:
- Food portioned for 5 people.


食べ物は特定の記憶を思い出させたり、強い感情を呼び起こしたりします。おばあちゃん特製のオムライス、毎朝仕事に行く途中にもらえるドーナツ、病気のときに恋人が作ってくれるスープ… 自分の思い出の料理(5人前)を作るか持参してきてください。皆の料理を食べたり飲んだりしながら思い出を語り合いましょう。




- 5人前の食事


Preparing Risograph with Photoshop

9/29(fri) 18:00 ~ 21:00

¥5000 (1 free drink included) / A3 4color print 10部

For those who want to master Risograph Printing!

This event is a lecture on how to make Photoshop CMYK separation and how to prepare data for printing! On Friday night, let's have a drink together and try multicolor printing of artworks and photos. Once your data is complete, you can pick up your prints at a later date!

15 spots available

What to Bring:
- Your computer with Photoshop installed.
- Artwork / Photo file you would like to print.


photoshop CMYK分版データの作り方、印刷用データの作り方をレクチャーします


- Photoshopが使えるPC
- 印刷用データ